Our Mission

To help people embrace, celebrate and become educated about the beauty of textured hair.


MixxTresses Hair Collection is truly a hub for healthy hair care! Whether you use enhancements like extensions, are experiencing challenges with breakage or hair loss like alopecia, or are just looking for quality custom-formulated hair care products with the help and guidance of a hair care expert, MixxTresses Hair Collection provides it all.

The Story Behind The Name

As a Black woman with natural hair, I personally know and understand the challenges in maintaining, growing and caring for our hair. Finding the right products alone can be discouraging and overwhelming. But the beauty of natural hair is that it has a variety of characteristics like elasticity (shrinkage) and porosity (how your hair reacts to liquids) that can help determine the best products to use and the best ways to care for it.

Some of my most requested services in the salon are protective hairstyles like weaves and crochet braids. But as with everything, there are pros and cons. I listened to some of the concerns my clients expressed to me, like their leave out breaking off, sweating out their hair and ways to avoid heat damage. So I did my research and sourced premium hair extension options that would allow them to get accustomed to natural hair textures and styles, without having to sacrifice the integrity of their own hair.

MixxTresses textures range from curly to straight so that you can "fake it, 'til you make it" or just try something new without having to fully commit to it. They provide a natural look while serving as a protective style. From wigs to wefts, ponytails to clip-ins, and even custom hairpieces, MixxTresses can help you have some fun with your healthy natural hair journey.

Now if extensions aren't your thing, that's okay! MixxTresses extensions mimic natural hair textures and so I encourage you to care for them the same as you would your natural hair. My clients would naturally ask what products I recommend that they use in between appointments and so one day I decided to fill the void by creating hair care products specifically for their hair on my own. Now, I regularly custom formulate made to order products with natural ad organic ingredients to help with the upkeep and maintenance. I ship nationwide and even offer custom formulations, remote/virtual coaching and come January, I will begin offering monthly kit subscriptions too.

Now I bet you're probably wondering where the name MixxTresses came from. Well it's a really cool play on words. We offer a variety of hair extension options in addition to the homemade products we provide (hence the "Mixx" part). "Tresses" is another word for hair and we all know what a mistress is, lol. We have a union with our hair, sort of like a marriage. My units and hair extensions are your secret way of cheating on your hair and my hair care products are mixed specifically for you. With all of that compiled in thought, MixxTresses Hair Care and Collection was birthed.

Whew, that was A LOT, right! But there's honestly no short version of this story. It's important to me that I earn my clients' trust in knowing just how passionate I am about educating them on ways to obtain and maintain healthy hair, so I love sharing all the thought behind what has inspired me to build this brand.

Your crown is a beautiful accessory and my mission is to help you have some fun with it, while keeping your hair protected and properly cared for. You'll be excited to tell others about your experiences with MixxTresses, but it'll still be our little secret!

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